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Welcome to the Maventa API for developers! Here you can find all that you need for the Maventa integration, starting with information about the API and instructions to connect your financial management system into Maventa e-document exchange API.

In our comprehensive API documentation you can find detailed instructions, use cases, REST API and SOAP API guides as well as our new technologies to help you boost your business. Before getting started, remember to read our developer terms of agreement

One method at a time into a fully realised document delivery system

With Maventa API you can quickly build a fully functional document delivery system with just one method. After this you can focus on building the integration further to fit your customers’ needs!

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Maventa Integration Documentation

Integration Guide

Get Started
Integration Setup
API Keys
Testing Environment

Needed Information
Receivables Management (for Finnish companies)
Capital Funding (for Finnish companies)
Supported XML Formats and Content

Invoice Listing
Download Invoices
Download and Show Detect Checks
Recommended Routine

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Maventa Technical documentation


AutoXChange API
– Sending and receiving invoices
– Sending and receiving other document types
– Callback notifications
– Detect service

Validator API
– Validating invoices and other documents

Receivables API (Receivables Management Service)
Payslip API (Mass Printing Service)

– Invoice sending and receiving
– Company set up and configuration

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