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Our comprehensive, open and free API documentation provides you with detailed instructions on how to get started. You can dive deep into use cases, our REST and SOAP API guides as well as learn more about our new technologies that will help you boost your customer experience.

What can our APIs be used for?


Electronic invoicing – B2B, B2G & G2B


Consumer (B2C) invoicing to online bank and mobile applications


Electronic procurement and other e-document delivery


Connection to value-adding services for P2P and O2C


Custom applications and import tools

Our testing site is your playground

The first step of building the integration between your system and our technology is to familiarise yourself with our testing environment and creating a free test account. Registering in the testing environment doesn’t bind you to anything, and you can always request a closure of the account.

Remember to fill in your company information as it helps you keep track of your progress. Don’t worry, your account and its information are only for you to see. After creating the account, you can contact our sales or our integration support team with email for the necessary API keys.

Here’s how you get started

1. Choose your preferred API

You can use two different APIs to connect your system to our services: REST and SOAP. Both are available for use, but not all of our functionalities are available over the SOAP API.


  • Account management
  • E-invoicing services
  • Order document exchange
  • Advanced functions and services for P2P and O2C


  • Account management
  • E-invoicing services

2. Define your integration scope

Integration scope

The integration scope defines what are the key functionalities and capabilities users will have in your system.

Things to consider:

  • Do your customers want to send or receive e-invoices, or both?
  • Are your customers only conducting B2B business, or do they also need to invoice consumers?
  • Are there any additional services your customers would like?

3. Select your starting level

Your level of integration can range from using just a few API endpoints all the way to a fully fledged out document delivery system.

When choosing the level of integration, you should consider your customer needs and the amount of automation required.

Our hint: You can get started with the basics and deepen the integration over time to include a broader range of functionalities.

Maventa integration levels

Your most important resources

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