Maventa pricing for software partners

Save money on fixed monthly payments and integration maintenance costs: our transaction-based pricing model allows you to increase the value of your business with every invoice sent and received through your system.

Scalable solution

Transaction-based pricing – how does it work?

No monthly subscriptions

No start up fees

No integration costs

No maintenance fees

Only pay for transactions processed through your system

Unit costs scale together with transaction volumes

Free-of-charge integration support team

No extra costs for partner support – now or in the future

Woman discussing Maventa pricing

Pricing model that benefits you and your customers

Revenue growth

  • Set your own transactions prices
  • Use our transaction fees as base for markup
  • As transaction volumes grow, so does your revenue


  • Decreased costs during slower invoicing months
  • Seasonal fluctuations always taken into account
  • Technology aligned with your customers’ actual business performance

Free world-class support

  • 100% Partner support satisfaction score
  • Support throughout the integration process and beyond
  • Help with end user onboarding

What is included?


Invoice sending

  • B2B E-invoices
  • B2G E-invoices
  • G2B E-invoices
  • B2C E-invoices (solution varies per country)
  • Invoicing through Peppol
  • Order document exchange through Peppol
  • Paper & PDF invoices
  • Color print
  • Automatic invoice routing


Invoice receiving

  • Scanning and interpretation of PDF & paper invoices
  • Format conversions
  • Fraud detection


Additional benefits

  • Revenue share
  • Easy onboarding for you and your customers
  • Free technical integration support
  • Free end user onboarding and pricing assistance
  • Free training and support
  • Dedicated partner management

Are you a direct customer?

You can find our up-to-date pricing charts for direct customers here:

Direct customers – Finland
Direct customers – Sweden
Direct customers – Norway
Direct customers – Netherlands & Belgium

Let’s talk money

+300 partners trust us with their transaction volumes

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