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Integrate Maventa e-invoicing solutions into your software offering and open new business and markets to you and to your customers in no time. Our open API solution brings more value to your system without extra hassle or costs.

Trusted by over 300 integrated ERP partners across Europe

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Nordic e-invoicing pioneer since 2007

Why choose Maventa?

Maventa is one of the leading providers of e-invoice and e-document exchange in the Nordics and across Europe. We offer a modern and reliable way to deliver electronic documents, such as invoices and order documents, for B2B, B2C and B2G.

Offer your customers a world-class invoicing experience

We know your customers won’t settle for anything less than excellence. That’s why we’re here to help you elevate your offering with our scalable and user-friendly technology that never compromises on quality.

With just one integration, you can offer e-invoicing as a seamless extension of your product. Your customers will save time, money and the environment all while unlocking new opportunities to grow their business.



Grow and scale together with your customers

Our goal is to make sure your customers fall in love with e-invoicing, and we want you to benefit from it, too. Say goodbye to monthly subscriptions, expensive integration projects, and costly maintenance fees. Welcome transaction-based pricing that lives and breathes with your business.

We’re giving you the reins to drive your revenue growth: set your own prices for your customers, using our transaction fees as a base to mark up, and boost your earnings. As your customers’ businesses expand and their transaction volumes increase, your revenue will grow accordingly.

Always compliant, secure and seamless

Navigating the e-invoicing landscape, with its evolving regulations and technological requirements, can be challenging. As our partner, you’ll never have to worry about it again.

We keep up with both your local and EU-level regulations and make sure our e-invoicing infrastructure is always up to the highest compliance standards. Additionally, we guarantee a seamless and secure e-invoice exchange for your customers, so you never have to compromise on customer experience.



Easy onboarding for you and your customers

If your roadmap looks anything like ours, it’s probably already packed with tasks for the entire year. That’s why we ensure that choosing us means you won’t be navigating the integration process alone. We’re particularly proud of our free and public API documentation as well as our technical support team, ready to address your concerns throughout the entire process.

As for your customers, setting up an account with us takes less than 5 minutes, and then they’re all set — they can start sending and receiving invoices immediately.

Effortless connectivity, powerful impact

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Documents delivered monthly

+300 000

Active companies in network

100 %

Partner support satisfaction score

The exchange of e-invoices is one of those things that simply need to work easily and reliably. That’s why our partner is Maventa.

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Pajadata is a Maventa customer

Maventa API – designed for developers

Get started with Maventa technology

Explore our comprehensive, open API documentation designed for a smooth and seamless integration experience. With our free-of-charge technical integration support, you won’t be left alone in the process. Dive in now and see just how easy getting started can be.

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Not a software provider?

E-invoicing for businesses of all sizes

Looking for a solution to streamline your company’s invoicing?

We have already partnered with over 300 partners across Europe to bring e-invoicing services to companies of all sizes. The quickest way to get started with our e-invoicing network is to check if your current ERP or financial management software is already on board with us. If not, let us know which ERP you’re using, and we’ll reach out to them directly.

E-invoicing essentials

Just getting started with e-invoicing? Here’s what you should know

Become a partner

Integrate once, invoice everywhere

We believe you will transform the way companies manage their businesses, and our technology will help you achieve that. Open our network to your customers and watch as their businesses grow hand-in-hand with yours.

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