Invoicing across borders with Peppol

As a trusted and experienced Peppol-certified service provider, we connect your software and your customers to the Peppol network safely and securely, with no extra costs.

What is Peppol?

Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a European network for exchanging electronic documents. Peppol offers a secure and standardised way to send and receive structured invoices, purchase orders, catalogs, and electronic receipts. In short, it facilitates the digitisation and automation of invoicing and procurement processes between suppliers and buyers.

How does it work?

Sending and receiving invoices through Peppol is safe, seamless and effortless. The data is transferred securely in a standardised Peppol BIS format through Peppol access points.

Peppol operates on a four-corner model, that includes:

  • C1 – Sender of Invoice (C1 sends e-invoice to C2)
  • C2 – Service Provider (C2 sends e-invoice to C3)
  • C3 – Service Provider (C3 send e-invoice to C4)
  • C4 – Receiver of Invoice (C4 receives e-invoice from C3)

Access points such as Maventa are certified entities that handle the invoice and document exchange on behalf of senders and receivers, by connecting them to the Peppol network.

By integrating Peppol into your service through us you get an automated solution that allows your customers to manage their entire procurement process and invoicing lifecycle from start to finish. Pretty convenient, right?

Peppol network

Maventa – the very first Peppol Access Point

One integration – local and global reach

We have acted as an access point and service provider since the beginning of Peppol. Through us, your customers can seamlessly send and receive invoices directly from your system both locally and across borders. Opening new markets has never been this easy.


Trusted Peppol service provider

Maventa is an active member of OpenPeppol, responsible for the development and maintenance of the Peppol infrastructure, ensuring continuous improvement and updates.


Your invoice data always in the right format

Maventa automatically converts your standardised invoice data into the format used by the recipient, saving you time and effort.


Global access without extra costs

Access to Peppol through us won’t cost you any extra. Both the integration and end-user registration are free, and you only pay for your Peppol usage.


No recipient data? No problem!

Through our API and the Maventa Finder solution, you can easily find companies that already receive e-invoices through Peppol.

Frequently asked questions about Peppol

  • What are the main benefits of using Peppol?
    Peppol offers several benefits, including:

    Standardisation: It provides a standardised document format, making it easier for businesses to communicate and exchange information.
    Efficiency: Automating document exchange reduces manual processing, errors, and costs.
    Accessibility: Businesses can connect to any other entity within the Peppol network worldwide, enhancing their reach and opportunities to grow.
    Security: Peppol ensures secure and reliable document exchange, always protecting sensitive and business critical information.
  • How can my business join Peppol?
    To join Peppol, your business needs to connect through a certified Peppol Access Point provider.

    If you’re a software provider:
    If your system doesn’t yet support access to the Peppol network, you don’t need to worry about becoming a Peppol-certified service provider yourself. You can get started easily by partnering up with a trusted Peppol service provider, such as Maventa. Want to begin today? Contact our sales team and let’s start building.

    If you’re a business looking for Peppol access:
    You might already have access without even knowing it: if you’re using an ERP or an invoicing software, there’s a chance they are already connected. If you are not using this type of a software yet, there are a multitude of options available, tailored to different business sizes and needs.
  • What is a Peppol Access Point?
    Peppol Access Points are your connection to the Peppol network. These access points are usually e-invoicing operators. When a e-invoice is sent from a sender’s Access Point, it gets transferred into the receiver’s Access Point via the Peppol network.
  • Are there any costs associated with joining Peppol?
    The costs involved with building connection to Peppol as well as sending and receiving invoices can vary depending on the service provider and the level of integration and services required for your business. With Maventa, connecting to Peppol comes with no additional costs: you only pay for transactions, just like with an integration to local networks.

Start your Peppol success story today

Peppol is within your reach through our one-stop-shop API. Just say the word and we’ll get you started.