E-invoicing services

Invoicing as it should be – hassle free

Offer your customers an all-round solution for all their invoicing and document management needs. Our comprehensive service selection is here to make sure your customers never have to leave your system.

Who said invoicing has to be difficult?

Invoicing is essential to businesses of all sizes, yet traditional methods often take up too much time and resources — time that could be better spent growing the business. But it doesn’t have to be this way – and that’s where e-invoicing comes in.

Traditional invoicing

Traditional invoicing methods have long defined how we run our businesses. While these methods are familiar to all of us, they often demand significant amount of effort and hours that could be used for creating profitable business.

icon-x Higher costs

icon-x Time consuming

icon-x Prone to errors

icon-x Delayed payments

icon-xNo transparency


E-invoicing transforms billing from manual tasks to efficient, automated processes. It allows your customers to take full control of their entire invoicing flow, while decreasing costs and increasing security and accuracy. Why settle for less?

icon-c Cost-effective

icon-c Automated processes

icon-c Seamless integrations

icon-c Faster payments

icon-c Secure & transparent

What we offer

Best possible invoicing experience through one API

Your customers shouldn’t have to worry themselves with tedious manual tasks, missed invoices and slow payment processes.

Accounts receivable

Send invoices regardless of format

Sending invoices has never been this easy. Your customers can send all their invoices through your system and we’ll take care of the rest. Whether it’s electronic, paper, PDF or email – invoices will find their way to the right recipient every time.

  • Cater to global and local invoicing needs through one API
  • Smart and automatic routing: no invoice gets lost on the way
  • Automatic conversion to needed invoicing format
  • Stay compliant: never worry about e-invoice and tax regulations again

Invoice sending

Invoice receiving

Accounts payable

Receive all invoices electronically

It’s not just about sending invoices – through our API, your customers can receive all their supplier invoices directly into your system in electronic format. Regardless of what invoicing method their supplier’s use, your customers will gain full control over their spend and access all their invoices in one place.

  • All supplier invoices in one system
  • No more manual processes: digitise 100% of the invoicing process
  • Paper and PDF invoices delivered straight to your system via scanning
  • Ensure safety with automatic fraud detection


Automatic routing

No invoice gets lost

Our network always finds the fastest, cheapest and safest route for each invoice. It goes without saying that e-invoice is always our first choice, but if electronic sending is not possible, invoices can also be delivered through email or mail.

  • Maximise successful delivery rates
  • Decrease payment times and costs
  • Smart routing fills in missing recipient information


Invoice format conversion

Automatic formatting

Our solution converts invoices automatically from one format to another based on the preference of the receiver and their operator. You don’t have to build support for many formats; it is enough if your system can handle one. We take care of the rest.

Supported formats include:

  • Peppol BIS
  • Finvoice
  • Svefaktura
  • SI-UBL
  • EHF
  • UBL 2.0


Maventa Detect

Detect invoice fraud

The Maventa Detect service performs automatic checks on purchase invoices and their senders. These checks help your customers avoid unnecessary risks, such as fraudulent invoices ending up in payment.

  • Automated checks on suppliers and purchase invoices
  • Smart checks and notifications add safety and automation to invoice handling
  • Easily integrated as part of the invoice receiving flow

Maventa – the very first Peppol Access Point

Invoicing across borders with Peppol

We’ve been there since the start of Peppol: the first ever Peppol invoice was actually sent through Maventa. As a trusted and experienced Peppol service provider, we connect your software and your customers to the Peppol network safely and securely, with no extra costs.

Peppol access point via Maventa

Join the Maventa network

Open our network to your customers: over 300 000 companies and 300 integrated partners are already here. Our developer friendly REST API ensures a smooth set up in less than two days. Ready to get started?

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