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Offer your customers a modern and reliable invoicing experience, with no compromises to your standards. Our comprehensive e-invoice and e-document exchange services are a safe, accessible and efficient way for you to grow your business hand-in-hand with your customers.

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We offer a reliable and competitive partnership to support your growth and help your customers get the most out e-invoicing.

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E-invoicing could be the next big growth opportunity for both you and your customers. With us, it will come with zero fixed fees and all the joy of transaction-based pricing. Set your own rates, grow your revenue as your customers expand their business, and enjoy the ride with no hidden costs.

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Upgrade your service offering with our scalable and straightforward e-invoicing solution. With a single integration you’ll be ready to offer your customers time and cost savings, and the chance to grow their business effortlessly.

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Why you should offer e-invoicing to your customers

E-invoicing is not just another feature — it’s a smarter, more efficient way to manage transactions. With benefits like fewer errors, quicker payments, and lower costs – it’s a solution your customers will value for its immediate and long-term advantages.

It saves money

E-invoicing significantly cuts down the costs associated with traditional invoicing methods.

Compared to paper invoices, businesses can on average reduce invoice sending costs by 59% and invoice receiving costs by up to 64%.

It’s better for the environment

We know your customers will love e-invoicing, but so does our planet.

Switching to e-invoicing helps reduce your customers’ carbon footprint down to a third from CO2 emissions associated with traditional invoicing methods, such as paper invoices.

It’s more reliable

With e-invoicing, every transaction is traceable and transparent, eliminating the risk of lost invoices or confidential data.

This ensures a higher level of security and compliance, protecting your customers from fraud and even regulatory penalties.

It saves time

Imagine telling your customers that they can reallocate hundreds of working hours to strategic initiatives, customer work and boosting growth.

Yes, it’s possible. By automating the invoicing process, e-invoicing frees up to 64% more time for your customers to focus on core business activities.

It’s going to be mandatory

With the EU set to mandate real-time digital reporting and e-invoicing for B2B cross-border transactions between 2030-2032, and with local regulations accelerating adoption even faster, it’s crucial to prepare your customers for these changes now.


A seamless integration process from start to finish

Building the integration is the foundation of our partnership. We want to make the process and simple and seamless as possible. Our dedicated team of professional will help you get started and support you along the entire way.

Maventa Integration Process

1. Create a test account

Get started by opening a test account to gain access to our API keys. Our integration support team will guide you through the initial setup, ensuring that the rest of the process will be smooth sailing.

2. Building and testing

You’re now ready to begin building the integration. Our integration guide lays out detailed instructions on how to build all the different features our services offers, making it simple for you to get everything up and running.

3. Ready for production

After thorough building and testing, the next step is moving onto the production environment – we’re getting closer to launching your live operations.

4. Monitoring & improvement

Everything in place in production? Great! As the last step we’ll make sure everything works flawlessly. Our support team we’ll be there for you to support further improvements and updates.

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Our success is built on yours. We take pride in providing our partners with high-quality support every step of the way. Our team is always ready to give you the expert advice and assistance you need.

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