Maventa – A modern and reliable way to deliver documents

Maventa offers more than just e-invoicing and e-document exchange. We provide a wide range of additional services, including scan, print, fraud detection, and mass printing, to cater to the needs of your customers.

Our comprehensive service selection offers your customers an all-round solution for their invoicing and document management needs.

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Scan, print, fraud detection or order documents?

No problem, Maventa offers a variety of solutions for your needs. Ask for more!

Print service

Even though e-invoicing saves time and money, sometimes your customers need to deliver e-invoices in a more traditional way. By integrating Maventa print service your customers can send invoices from your system to us via API – we handle the printing and send them onwards to recipients.

Scan service

Is your customer still receiving paper or PDF invoices to email? With Maventa scan service they can receive them as electronic invoices and give up manual handling, saving costs and time.


Maventa Detect service performs automatic checks on purchase invoices and their senders. Checks help your customers avoid unnecessary risks, such as fraudulent invoices ending up in payment.


With Maventa and Peppol, you can offer automation of procurement processes to your customers – with no extra costs!

Peppol provides a standardized, stable and secure way to exchange electronic trade documents.

Email invoices

We understand that sometimes email is a convenient way to send an invoice onwards. Maventa supports email invoices, so your customers only need to create the invoice in the system and send it through API to us. We will deliver it to the receiver’s email inbox.

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Many e-invoicing formats to ease your business flow

Maventa e-invoicing supports a wide range of different XML based e-invoicing formats, like EN16931 compatible PeppolBIS 3.0, for example. Maventa automatically converts the invoices from one format to another based on the preference of the receiver and their operator.

You don’t have to build support for many formats; it is enough if your financial management system can handle one of the formats listed below. We take care of the rest.

International & national e-invoicing and order document exchange format
National formats for local use
  • Finvoice
  • Svefaktura
  • SI-UBL
  • EHF
  • UBL 2.0

Smart and automatic routing for e-documents

E-documents are sent onwards based on the recipient’s or network’s information, which the sender defines in their system. The information can be an EIA (Electronic Invoice Address) or even an email or postal address.

Maventa’s smart routing goes a step further by filling in missing recipient information using their Business ID and Maventa Finder data. It follows a default sending order of E-Invoice, Email, and Postal Address, maximizing successful delivery rates.

We recommend integrating to our Maventa Finder as it gives you an advantage in finding recipient information in early stage without having to rely on local and manual registries.

Do you want to take care of routing yourself or give your customer the power to decide? You can disable routes through API, or even change the routing order. All this will be possible with our scalable API!

Streamline invoicing and procurement with Maventa and Peppol

With Maventa as your partner, invoicing and procurement through Peppol become effortless.

Peppol automates and eases trade between suppliers and buyers by providing a standardized, stable and secure way to exchange electronic trade documents. Read more about Peppol on and our Peppol page!

For instance, if your company aims to participate in a procurement process, our scalable API combined with Peppol can handle everything from catalogs to eReceipts seamlessly. As part of our partnership service, we provide the technology without any additional costs.

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