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Compliance is in – 5 reasons to ditch your local integrations and start using Peppol

2 min read | 13.6.2024

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While the EU is mandating changes towards borderless trade, businesses should also expand their reach to stay competitive, and thus, compliant. In the past, to stay compliant softwares had to integrate into many local e-invoice operators to keep the e-invoice flow going and to keep up with local rules and regulations. But now, as the rules of trade within the EU are being streamlined, you can simply integrate with the Peppol network and stay compliant as you go. 

Here are 5 reasons why you as a software provider should ditch your local integrations and hop on the Peppol train to stay compliant, connected and offer your customers the best platform for success.

1. Are your customers local or global? It doesn’t matter, you still get the compliance benefits

The miracle of Peppol and its compliance is that your customers are able to sell or buy from anyone in the world while still keeping up with the country’s laws – and the other country’s as well. 

Adopting Peppol doesn’t mean they necessarily need to go global, it only means that you get the same compliance benefits even if they only stay in the local market. It’s designed to ease international deals but still makes sure your customers also follow local rules. And the best part is, you don’t have to worry – we take care of keeping it compliant.

2. One integration, and your customers can connect wherever

Local setups often mean you have to constantly adjust the operator integrations on the go, and need multiple integrations to local suppliers to keep the flow going—kind of like needing a different adapter for each power outlet on a world trip. Peppol offers a universal plug that fits everyone, making business smoother and cutting down on having to keep multiple integrations compliant.

Peppol is also becoming an increasingly popular solution around the globe, the network consists of 619 member organisations and 42 member countries, with Japan, Singapore and Saudi-Arabia being the latest to join. If you’ve got a vision of becoming an international player in the market, Peppol’s trade document exchange and invoicing capabilities will prove useful.

3. The good old “save time and money”!

We know this is what everyone keeps saying about Peppol, but it has truth in it. Let’s break it down with an example.

Setting up a direct integration to each local operator partner is like laying down new roads to each new customer or supplier’s door with differentiating rules—a lot of effort and cost and endless planning – and as much to maintain when anything changes or is updated.

Peppol is more like a highway everyone can use with the same set of rules, reducing what you spend on setup and maintenance. Plus, it automatically sorts out your customers invoices and orders, speeding things up and lowering the chance of mistakes. At best, you only have to master one network instead of balancing between multiple integrations that might work just a little bit differently compared to each other.

4. Safe and secure all the way

Trading over Peppol is like sending your valuables in a secure, locked truck. It checks the identity of everyone on the network and keeps data locked up tight during transit. 

This means everyone – you and your customers – can trust that the operators in the Peppol network take care of any vulnerabilities with joint efforts. The Peppol network is maintained by the Peppol authorities, so you can always trust that they have your best interest in mind – making trade secure and easier for your customers, without the risk of breaching regulations and laws by accident.

5. Scalable now and in the future

As business and tech evolve, Peppol is designed to evolve too, making it easier for businesses to quickly adapt to new technologies or law changes without a hitch. 

One important aspect to consider is the alignment with EN standard invoices — with potential changes in invoice reporting on the way, using EN16931 standardised invoices ensures your business remains compliant and well-prepared for potential changes. If your invoices fulfil the EN standard, you should be in a good position to navigate future developments. 

As laws change and regulations take place, a software integrated with Peppol provides access to both local and global updates automatically, ensuring your business stays ahead of compliance requirements and industry changes.

From a local contract clutter into an integrate-and-use solution

Adopting Peppol is like upgrading to an easy, secure, and efficient way of doing business on a global scale (or local, if your customers are not ready to go borderless yet!) with the compliance approach. It’s built for today’s fast-paced, interconnected world and ensures both you as a software provider and your customers can succeed now and in the future.

Looking for a partner to ease the contract burden with? Maventa acts as a “one-stop-shop” for invoicing needs, streamlining everything from scan service and printing to ensuring seamless connections with e-invoice address registries. We take care of the related subcontractor agreements, so you don’t have to worry about the details. This means more time focusing on your business and less on the complexities of compliance and invoicing – we’ve got you covered.

Leave a message for our sales team and let’s get you on board with global reach through Peppol!

Eemeli Sepponen

Eemeli Sepponen is a Product Marketing Specialist at Maventa. With over 7 years of experience in e-invoicing, he leverages his product expertise to simplify and make e-invoicing more approachable for those transitioning from traditional to electronic invoicing.